What are PutterCup training aids?

PutterCups are simple, effective devices that you insert into a golf hole. They add extra challenge to getting your speed and aim correct when you putt. The more you use them, the bigger the hole will feel once you remove them!

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"It's going to make that hole seem so much larger on the golf course that you're gonna sink more putts, you're gonna win more matches, you're gonna get lower scores. Can't beat it."

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Dial in your speed with the Speed Bump

The Speed Bump creates a slight ridge around the hole, requiring you to get your speed and line just right. Too soft? Deflected. Too strong? Skips over. In the cup? Bingo!

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Dial up your accuracy with the Center Cup

The Center Cup shrinks the hole by 25%, helping you practice or warm up on a smaller target so the real golf hole feels bigger.

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  • Erin Menath // Golf Digest Best Young Teachers in America // Golf Digest Best Teachers WA State 2017-2025 // erinmenathgolf.com

    "PutterCup putting training aids are among my top tools for enhancing my students' putting skills. After just a few putts, they prioritize crucial aspects like speed and aiming for the hole. Plus, they are fantastic for instructing juniors. They offer benefits for golfers of all levels."

  • Colton Kalkanis // Owner, The Tour Experience // 2x OCAA National Champion // Former #2 World Long Drive Amateur // Instagram: coltonkalkanisgolf

    "Clients of my Tour Experience program benefit greatly from practicing with PutterCup putting training aids. They're great for building confidence while keeping things simple, and the experience carries over to the course. These should be part of every golfer's pre-round warmup."

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Do good while getting better at putting

5% of PutterCup sales go to support The First Tee, starting with the Greater Seattle Chapter!